DIY : Rainbow Butterfly Gift Box

Learn how to make a Rainbow Butterfly Box

Outside The Box …

To celebrate my friends’ tie-dye themed wedding, I crafted this rainbow-butterfly gift box inspired by the Texas Hill Country for under $10 (including the box). It was a snap to put together and made a high-impact presentation that the bride said she really liked. She may have been more impressed that this guy’s got some crafting talent! :)


  • All of the crafting supplies came from my trusted crafting friend, Michael’s. It must have been raining money yesterday because the floral stem was 60% off and while I was standing in line to pay I checked out their website and found a 30% off coupon. #Score!
  • I used a glue gun for this project. In a pinch you could likely make do by using some double stick tape to help fuse the ribbon to the box.
  • The time it took for me to complete this project was about 25 minutes, excluding a couple of rest breaks to chill a bit with my Dogs.

How To Make A Rainbow Butterfly Gift Box

1  |  Box With Removable Lid
A Few Yards  |  Wire Edged Ribbon (I used about 6 yards)
Assorted  |  Faux Floral Stems (I found one assorted cluster, shown above)
To Tie  |  Some Green Garden Wire (optional)


To Cut  |  Scissors
To Adhere  |  A “Loaded” Glue Gun
To Snip Floral Stem  |  Wire Cutters or Scissors (optional)

What To Do:

Step 1: Wrap Bottom Of Box.
I decided to decorate the box separate from the lid so that it would be easy to open and close and so it could be regiftable or kept as a keepsake. To get started, line the ribbon from the inside bottom of the box up over the top edge, down the side, under the bottom and around until it mirrors itself on the other side (like forming a big “U”). You can test-fit the ribbon to make sure you like where it rests on the box; the wire edge ribbon can be folded and smoothed on the edges to give a clean fold and help hold the ribbon in place.

Once you’re happy with the length, cut the ribbon. Line a small bead of glue along the edge of just the end of the ribbon and press the ribbon into place. Turn the box 180 degrees and repeat this process on the other side to create a criss-cross shaped ribbon design.

Step 2: Wrap Lid.

Using the same technique as the box bottom, repeat the process for the box lid. It’ll take a little finessing to align the ribbon from the lid to the bottom but in the end it was easy to do. You can also wiggle the ribbon along the top edges of the box if you’re off a bit, since the edges are not glued to the box. Once you’re happy with how the ribbon is decorated on the box you’re ready to prepare the top decoration.

Step 3: Form Your Flower Stem

I found a faux flower stem with assorted flowers and a butterfly already in a bunch. I wouldn’t need it entirely so I deconstructed it by cutting off some stems to my desired length. [Optional Step: I held the stems together by wrapping them near the base of the clustered stems a few times with the garden wire. You could use a small wire twist tie or just use some ribbon to tie a bow around the bunch to hold it together. I decided to go for durability so I used garden wire.]

With the remaining ribbon I tied a small bow to the base of the bunch. Congrats, this step is complete!

DIY Project : How to make your own rainbow butterfly gift box

Step 4: The Final Step
To adhere the flower bunch to the top of the box I made a couple of pea-sized globs of hot glue using the glue gun and pressed the flower bunch to the glue for a few seconds until it “set.” Your box is all done and ready to be filled with your surprise!


How To Update Your Front Door Wreath

Rather than toss the remaining flower stems I found a way to add some new life to a weathered wreath by tucking in the stems into the existing wreath. This is a great way to transition your wreath from season to season. I wound up using all the materials for this project – no waste!

How To Give New Life To Your Front Door Wreath

Enjoy and please email me with any questions or suggestions about this project!

~ Joe Paul Reider

Home Style Austin Founder
Austin Realtor®
Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

DIY : Succulent Planter

How To Make A Succulent Planter by Home Style Austin
One Excellent Succulent

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make a lasting impression, make and gift one of these unique succulent plants.

Once you have the supplies, these “succulent hangers” are surprisingly simple to create. The end result is a one-of-a-kind handmade plant that will surely delight both you and the lucky recipient.


  • The material quantities below are approximations; what you use will vary based on the size of your plants and the number of succulent planters you’re making. PS ~ While you’re making one you might as well make more!
  • You may find 4 hands are better than 2! Our friend Eileen lent us her 2 hands which were especially useful during the forming and wrapping stages shown below.
  • Most of the supplies are easy to find; we found plants, soil, sphagnum moss and the garden wire at Lowes, green moss and the rainbow-inspired decorative twine came from Michael’s. The clay soil was the hardest for us to locate but we scored a 40 pound bag of it for about $5 at Hill Country Water Gardens (it’s one of our favorite nurseries). PS ~ 40 pounds of clay soil is deceivingly small. 


1 – 2 Cups  |  Potting Soil
1 – 2 Cups  |  Clay Soil
About 1/4 cup (To Form)  |  Water
1 (or more)  |  Succulent Plants
Two Handfuls  |  Sphagnum Moss, Moistened
Two Handfuls  |  Green Moss, Unmoistened
10 – 15 Feet  |  Decorative Twine
To Hang  |  A Piece Of Driftwood Or A Found Stick (about 6 inches long)
To Hang  |  Some Green Garden Wire (available at most craft stores)

What To Do:

1. Make Dirt.
In a medium-sized bowl mix together equal parts of the potting and clay soil. Add water and combine until the mixture resembles a pliable dough. Set aside.

How to Make a Succulent Planter Hanger by Home Style Austin
2. Form Planter.

Remove your succulent plant from its container and wrap it with enough sphagnum moss to entirely encase the roots. Then wrap the moss-covered succulent with the prepared, wet, soil from Step 1 above, forming a ball. Wrap green moss around the succulent and trim any excess that rises above the edge of the succulent.

How to Make a Succulent Planter Hanger by Home Style Austin
3. Wrap Planter

Using your decorative twine, wrap the planter several times to secure the soil and moss to the plant. A few times I carefully wrapped the twine on top – and between – the succulent branches to help form a well-wrapped “ball.” Along the way test your wrap to ensure the plant hangs level. As we formed the wrapped planter we created 4 extra-long suspensions at each “corner” of the succulent planter and then wrapped the hanging stick (below) to help keep the plant stable in the breezy winds of Central Texas. Make sure and leave enough excess twine at the top of the plant for hanging.

How to Make a Succulent Planter Hanger by Home Style Austin
4. Prepare To Hang

Wrap the excess twine around your hanging stick (from Step 3) to your desired length and tie them off at the top of the stick or tie and tuck the twine along the bottom of your succulent planter. To suspend from a nail or hanger wrap the stick a few times with the garden wire and secure.

5. To Care & Feed
Hang your succulent in a semi-sunny place, indoors or out. Make sure to keep the plant happy and keep it moist by misting daily or by watering liberally or letting rest in a shallow bowl of water. Succulents don’t need to be over-watered but they do need a little love.

Enjoy and please email me with any questions about this project!

Austin Realtor Joe Paul Reider

~ Joe Paul Reider

Home Style Austin Founder
Austin Realtor®
Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

How to Make a Succulent Planter Hanger by Home Style Austin