Halloween “Boo Bark” Recipe

A Sweet ‘n Scary Treat This week fall blew into Austin with temperatures in the 90s falling to the jaw-dropping 40s in mere minutes! With the temperature shifts there’s no doubting Halloween is officially in full gear – our favorite time of the year! There’s no better way to enjoy the sweet days of fall […]

Joe’s Fideo Recipe

A Texas Treat “Fideo” actually refers to a dish made with short, vermicelli-style pasta (shown above in the lower left corner). Fideo is first browned in a skillet then various ingredients are added to typically make a pasta or soup dish. The folks at Q&Q sure know how to help us make tasty dishes – […]

Rosemary Olive Bread Recipe

Bring On The Bread I’ve never been one eager to make my own bread. But when I stumbled across this recipe that’s a no knead skillet olive bread I tried it. And I loved it! Now it makes regular appearances in my home. This bread makes a great entertaining appetizer or sidekick for meals – […]

The Best Chicken Sandwich Recipe

A Sensationally Savory Sandwich When you pair the best cheddary-cheesy biscuit with the best chicken nugget, great things happen. Let’s dive on in! Time To Prepare: About 30-45 minutes Foodie Tips: ❤  You can bake the chicken strips in the oven but the instructions below are for an air fryer. An air fryer cooks quicker than […]

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

Dedicated to the High Flyers of Central Texas Around mid-March there’s a bit of a buzz in the air; this marks the remarkable annual arrival of the hummingbirds to the Central Texas area. It’s easy to see why people are attracted to these expert flyers – they are tiny miracles with wing beats of up […]

Corned Beef Sliders Recipe

Recipe: Corned Beef Sliders

Laughter is brightest where food is best ~ Irish Proverb For a hearty dish that will put smiles on their faces, this recipe for corned beef sliders does the trick. Using a 12-pack of dinner rolls you can easily whip up some craft sliders. They’re mini. They’re melted. And they’ll be gone almost as fast […]

Recipe: Irish Beef Stew

A True Pot o’ Gold Spring is in the air which means St. Patrick’s Day is front and center. While Lucky Charms and green beer frequent the leprechaun’s table, this is a hearty stew that will make eyes green with envy for the recipe. And here it is! For the past several St. Patrick’s Days […]

Recipe: Birthday Cake For Dogs

Pawsitively Irresistible There are lots of “those” people out there – Dog lovers who consider their pets a front-and-center part of the family. Such is my pack of three to me! So when my yellow rescue Lab “Harley” turned 12 I knew what I had to do – make him the best doggy cake ever. […]

Recipe: Hatchbrowns

Hatch Attack If you’re like me, by the time August rolls around I’m already in the comfort food state of mind. This is a special time of year when the smoky and spicy taste of hatch chili peppers delight! While some invite hatch peppers to lunch or dinner only, I love welcoming hatch peppers at […]