Halloween “Boo Bark” Recipe

A Sweet ‘n Scary Treat This week fall blew into Austin with temperatures in the 90s falling to the jaw-dropping 40s in mere minutes! With the temperature shifts there’s no doubting Halloween is officially in full gear – our favorite time of the year! There’s no better way to enjoy the sweet days of fall […]

DIY : Halloween Scarecrow

A Scary Good Project Not since we made our life-sized “cocoon man” did we smile wider than this year – we scored high fives from a few neighbors for our scarecrow and making it was actually pretty simple! Let the haunting begin! 🎃 Tips: The material quantities below are approximations; you’ll want to adjust them to meet […]

DIY : Creepy Halloween Curtains

Scares ‘Em Good Add a bone-chilling “creep” factor to your Halloween home with these easy-to-make Halloween curtains! For this project we’ll be transforming pure white gauze into what appears to be time-worn curtains thanks to a few cups of Joe. Coffee-stained curtains will turn your patio, porch or inside “crypt’ from happy to “Oh, wow, that’s scary!” in […]

Rosemary Veggie Dog Treats

Their Favorite Dog Treat Recipe I used to run an eco friendly pet specialty company, so I’m a big fan when it comes time to care for our furry friends. In fact, some of my very best friends have four legs and I consider myself the lucky one to have known some of these loyal, gentle souls. […]