Winter Curb Appeal Checklist

How To Give Your Austin Home Winter Curb Appeal

Thanks to Austin’s very own Soledad Builders for the winter inspiration!

When fall turns to winter, its easy for homes to go into a “ho-hum” hibernation until spring emerges. But for Texas homeowners listing their homes during winter – and for buyers scouting during this time – below are my useful tips to help ensure your home is the apple of their eye and most importantly that your home commands top interest and top dollar!

Even if you aren’t making a move during the winter season these tips will help you make the most of your home’s exterior presence during winter.

Give It Color

The entryway is the gateway to a home’s soul. Simply toss a few brightly colored pillows on your porch (shown above)… Or if your door is tired and dingy, wash/clean it or give it a new coat of stain or paint. Check out this handy reference for picking the perfect front door color.
Blue Door, Austin, TexasA simple wreath is a great canvas for color and personality. It’s very easy to find a wreath that will transition from season-to-season with just a few simple changes. Here’s one of our DIY wreath projects that can bring some sizzle to your front door.

A DIY Wreath Project by Home Style Austin

A colorful, hardy plant that will last through winter and much of spring, pansies are available in white, pastel, and a myriad of jewel-toned colors that will delight young and young at heart.

Plant pansies along the ground and elevate their color by accenting them in hanging baskets or tall colorful pots. Don’t be afraid to partner tall plants, junipers, herbs or succulents with this all-time favorite.Pansy Pic Courtesy Of The Home Depot

Love gardening? Download this free gardening guide made for those living in Central Texas. It contains useful information and planting tips for the eco-wise garden. Happy gardens make happy homes!

A few bags of fresh mulch (red, cedar, or black) can give your yard a dramatic impact that will colorfully accent your flower beds whether they have flowers or not.

Keep It Clean

Fallen leaves can add to the seasonal personality of a home during October and November. But by the time December ushers in, give the lawn a good raking to tidy the lawn. One of my favorite lawn accessories is this 2-in-1 Black & Decker electric lawn tool that transitions from blower to vacuum in a snap! This blow-vac has become one of my essential lawn accessories that helps me throughout the year.
Fall Leaves In Texas
Unless we’re having an unseasonably warm winter our local grass favorites, Bermuda and St. Augustine, are likely in hibernation. If you don’t plant winter rye grass make sure and mow the grass at least once to give it a clean-cut look. Don’t forget to edge for a clean border!

Trash bins should be kept out of sight and behind the fence or in the garage. Except on trash day, of course!

Wrap-up and conceal garden hoses and keep shoes, umbrellas and assorted clutter off of the front entry.

Keep cars parked in the garage and off streets and the driveway, when possible. Keep your garage door closed. Christmas In Texas

Holiday decorations can add to a home’s personal cheer during winter. Keep decorations simple and avoid a full-on Griswold festival of lights (although this type of decor is my personal favorite). If New Year’s Day is in the rear-view mirror make sure the decorations are as well!

Give It Charm

Light it up! If you have landscape lighting leave them on in the evenings when people might be inspecting the neighborhood after hours. Light up porches and entryways so your home can be seen.

Find one signature item that you can claim as your own. A porch swing, fountain, or a rain chain will create a lasting impression for buyers… plus they are great to enjoy, too!Never heard of a rain chain? Rain chains are great ways to transform your typical gutter downspout into a work of art! Locally you can buy rain chains at Zinger Hardware or you can order custom length chains from Fall and Winter are our rainiest months here in Austin. And even though rain’s a many splendored thing in these parts of Texas, a rain chain makes it all the better.

I hope these helpful tips will give you some easy pointers for how to keep your curb appeal in full bloom during winter.

If you’re curious what your home is worth, mention this post and I’ll give you a free home assessment to help you decide if it might be the right time to list your home… or if it might be the right time to refinance your mortgage.

Cheers to a prosperous 2017!

~ Joe Paul Reider

Home Style Austin Founder
Austin Realtor®
Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

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