DIY : Vertical Garden

Make your own vertical garden. A DIY Project from Home Style Austin.

Make great use of hanging space by building your very own vertical garden – great for small spaces or to make use of “empty” air space. You’ll create a hanging haven for 4 plants plus make an artful floating landscape sure to get a conversation started with friends. This fun project is also a great activity for kids to lend their artful hands with painting the 4 pots. Coloring “outside the lines” with this project is allowed!

Time To Make: 2-3 hours (assembly and painting) plus some paint-drying time
Materials Cost: About $60
Needed Materials: 

  1. Large Hook Screw: To suspend the hanging garden from patio/awning. See an example here.
  2. Wood: Use a 2 foot long “2-by-2”. This will be used to support the pots and the pot hangers.
  3. Large Eye Bolt Screw: To attach to the top of the 2-by-2. See an example of this type of bolt here.
  4. Stainless Steel Snap Hook (a.k.a. “Spring Clip”): To attach to the eye bolt and chain. See an example here.
  5. Flower Pot Hangers: You can purchase these “curiously awesome” hangers online at Vat19. They are sold in 3 packs (including mounting screws) and we’ll need 4 hangers (or two 3 packs) to make the vertical garden shown; the remaining 2 hangers you can attach to a fence, wall or give as a gift.
  6. Metal Chain: To suspend the vertical garden from the large hook screw screw to bolt screw. The chain can be a loop if feeding through the eye bolt or you can use a single chain if you use a screw hook in lieu of the eye bolt. You’ll want to pre-measure the length of chain you use and have your home improvement store cut it to your desired length so you don’t have to try and cut the chain at home! Our chain was about 15 inches (single) or 30 inches (if doubled).
  7. Four Terra Cotta Pots: To attach to the pot hangers. The pot hangers above each support pots up to 9 inches in diameter and up to 30 pounds in weight.
  8. Paint: To paint the pots. We purchased 4 colors of acrylic paint from our local craft store.
  9. Paint Brush or Sponge: To apply paint to the pots.
  10. Potting Soil and Plants: To fill the pots.


  1. A Large Flat Surface: From which to work.
  2. Newsaper, Paper or Plastic: To cover and protect the flat surface when painting. If you don’t care about protecting your surface, BAM – no covering!
  3. A Drill: To make a hole in the 2-by-2.
  4. Optional: A Saw: To cut the wood. Try and see if your home improvement store will cut the wood for you so you don’t need to cut it yourself.
  5. A Friend: To lend a helping hand when hanging the garden.


  • Stain. If you prefer you can stain the 2-by-2 the color of your choosing, or paint it using the acrylic paint (above).
  • Pot Size. In order for the vertical garden to hang perpendicular to the ground, you’ll want to use four pots of the same size so weight will be evenly distributed around the plant holder.
  • Colorful Paints. Get creative with your paint colors. We purchased red, blue, yellow and orange and we mixed some the colors together to create our own unique colors. Stymied by what colors make other colors? This link might help paint you in the right direction.
  • Plants. If hanging outside, make sure and pick types of plants that can withstand the Texas summer heat. Succulents and sun-loving plants will thank you!

What To Do: 

1. Get the Visual Goal. View the picture below of the finished vertical hanger to see the body parts, then proceed to Step 2.

Make your own vertical garden. A DIY Project from Home Style Austin. 2. Make the Vertical Hanger. Drill a starter hole in one end of your 2-by-2 and screw and secure the eyebolt to it. Next mount one pot hanger to each side of the 2-by-2. To do so, secure the first hanger about 4 inches from the top of one side of the 2-by-2. Rotate the 2-by-2 to the next side (left or right) and mount the second pot hanger about 4-5 inches lower than the first. Continue rotating and mounting on the remaining two sides until each side has a pot hanger.

3. Paint the Pots. Cover your large work surface with newspaper/paper to catch any paint drips. Ladies and gentlemen … paint those pots! You can paint them each differently or the same – this is your moment to shine creatively! Let the pots dry. Because the pots have a porous surface, our paint dried fairly quickly.

4. Plant. Fill each pot with the appropriate potting soil and add your chosen plant(s).

5. Hang. Attach the snap hook to the 2-by-2’s eye bolt. Secure the screw hook to the hanging location. Attach the chain to the screw hook and through the snap hook. With the 2-by-2 now hanging, carefully insert each pot to the pot holder. Having a couple of extra hands in this step may prove useful!

6. Step Back and Admire. You’re done. Time for high fives!

Have you made this project? Share pictures with us on our Facebook community or email them to us at HomeStyleAustin @!

~ Joe Paul Reider

Home Style Austin Founder
Austin Realtor®
Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

A picture of the hanging pots we saw at the 2013 Blanco Lavender Festival.

Where did the inspiration for this project come from?

We found the 2-by-2s complete with hangers already assembled at this years Blanco Lavender Festival. We weren’t able to find them online so the instructions above will walk you through the process so you can make your very own.

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